Thursday, May 5, 2016

The National Day of Prayer

"Thank you Lord God for the grace and mercy that you have extended to our nation. Please forgive us for the comprise that we have allowed. You, Lord God are the standard by which we live, move , and have our being.

Thank you for the true spiritual leaders that you have put in place to lead your people back to you.

Thank you for Your Spirit that give us the strength and the boldness to stand for you in the face of a nation that will try to sweep you under the rug, and pull you back out when it is convenient.

 Lord you are God, the one and only true God. Please lead this nation back to you. Have mercy on us, guide our leaders, give them wise spiritual counsel on a daily basis.

The spiritual leaders that you have put in place as counsel in Washington Lord increase their boldness, remove the spirit of fear and compromise and speak freely through them.

 God protect our military men and woman, saved them and award them grace for their sacrifice to this country. If they have not accepted you as their  personal Lord and savior, Jesus we pray that you please draw them, seek them out, and bless them with an encounter that they will never forget.

 Bless the believers  "in-deed" to show your love, forgiveness, and sacrifice continuously representing you.  Because You are Love.  Bless us to stand for righteous standards that you have plainly laid out in your Holy Bible. Lord please continue to extend your mercy and cover us with grace for the current believers and those to come. We are your people, please protect us.  There are so many here that serve you with a pure and loving heart. Lord keep us safe.  We are grateful for every blessing, we thank you for your love throughout the generations.

I pray these prayers

In your precious son Jesus name, Amen."