Monday, January 23, 2017

God's Hand on Your Life

Esther 4:14 

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do, and primarily to you?  I know I do! And this is good or bad.  Sometimes I wonder how in the world did I get here! "Wow, God I am so blessed you love me so much!  Thank you!!" And sometimes I wonder, Lord what in the world am I doing here? Why did this happen me, and now what am I suppose to do?   Most of us don't pay that much attention to the small things that happen in our life,  but we are definitely wide awake for the big ones.  Good, and not so Good.   But all of them play an intricate part in the assignments and destination the Lord has for us. 

I've been studying providence this week. And it seems this study pops up at least once a year for me! I definitely know what providence means.  However, I always have to refresh my memory on how it works.   About every 6 to 7 years it seems my life change is some major way.  And some times sooner than that.  As a matter of fact,  for the last 3 years a LOT of changes have taken place, and before I can wrap my mind around what to do with the last thing that happened here comes something else.   I have to remind myself that God is always in control!  Sometimes we  are so  busy being "responsible" and  "smart' trying to plan the perfect life , or future for ourselves that we forget to factor in the "God factor!"  We forget to figure in that God has already planned out our lives. God says when, where, and He says how, and how much!  Yes it sounds good to say " I know God has a plan for my life ,  but very few people want to know what that is! And especially if they feel their lives are already going well.   

If you want to know how providence works, check out the book  of Esther Chapters 1-4. The power of God's Providence was so obvious in this story His name didn't have to be mentioned.  In these first 4 chapters  The Queen of Persia was fired, and replaced with an orphan "Jewish"girl name Esther who gained favor from her Persian King.  Keep in mind that the Jewish people were in captivity at this time.  Esther's uncle Mordecai,who also worked at the palace made a very powerful enemy named Haman.  Haman was angry because Mordecai refused to bow down to him in the court yards. He was so angry that he issued a death sentence for him, and all the Jewish people living in Persia. Once Mordecai found out he began to mourn,  and he sent word to Esther so she could help her people.  For a brief moment it seemed Esther was going to sit in her place of privilege and not do anything to save them. But Mordecai had to remind her perhaps why she was so privileged to make it where she was. He forced Esther to see the hand of God on her life and why the events unfolded for her the way they had. Thank God she listened and seized the opportunity! Thank God she paid attention and rode the wave of providence all the way to complete victory!  Because of her privileged position Esther was able to save all the Jews in Persia, have the threat assassinated, and turned many Persian people who were not believers to the LORD God! Wow, look at what she was able to accomplish for so many people, for God, and herself because she was willing to see God's hand working in her life.   

It is these kinds of stories that snaps me back to why I am really here. Yes its nice to have things go the way we plan them when it works out. But many times the things we plan won't work out, because they don't fit in-line with the providence of God.  It's' good to make plans, but we have to be willing to pull out the easer, and make revisions as God starts to turn the course a little bit. We can't be married to our plans. And as a matter of fact, we should try to figure out best we can what God's plans are first!  I heard a preacher say that God's Providence rarely runs in a straight line. Boy is this not the truth!  But one thing is certain, if we live our lives aware that we are here for God's purpose, and not our own, we will ALWAYS be happy with how things turn out.  Remember God's plan is perfect and there's something in it for everyone.  It all works out perfectly if we follow Him.  

Remember Romans 8:28, and welcome God's Hand on you life.