Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When God places a Fork in your Road...

Life is funny.  It's full of lessons and our lives are constantly speaking to us. Whether it speaks through signs, other people or dreams.  God is always audible in some way.  Life can also be tricky.  By that I mean, God has it so fixed that you will never completely figure it all out. This is why we must rely on the Lord daily.   Satan is there to ensure you are confused and second guessing every major decision, and doubting God when it doesn't turn out the way you hoped.  Just know that we will always be chasing after answers, it may not be to the same issues, but trust me new ventures will always arise!   Have you ever been 110%  sure that you should take this job, marry this person, attend that school, or choose this career?   Of course you have!  We  all have  dreams and plans  and that is all great,  but what I've learned is that we can't be  married to the path that we are on.  God is always shaking things up, but for good so we don't have to be afraid.  It is God's way of stretching us and expanding who we are. It is how He develops us spiritually and draw us closer to His ultimate plan for our lives.  But man when He sits that fork in the road....It can be confusing and scary.  My first thoughts are "What is going on? Why? And what do I do now? " I'm sure you can relate!  

The actions and steps we took last season may not be needed for this new season. Sure the path we were on may have worked perfectly for years,  but now that course has ended and it's time to take another route.  I chose the photograph above because it speaks to me.   Observe how the path leading up to the fork appears to be more open. It is wider, and as it forks, the different paths are more narrow and leads into an unknown wilderness.  But,  although it is unknown the paths are lit!  Both of them!   So a choice has to be made, which way should  I go?  At this moment in life the biggest mistake that one could make is to proceed without acknowledging God first, and consulting Him for our next steps.  Take this time at the mouth of your fork to rest, and reflect, and acknowledge God. Sit right at the base of that fork and take that time to listen. 

We are often in a hurry to "make it happen", and to power through life so that we can always appear to have everything figured out. Well news flash. No one has it all figured out. A lot of people are just going through the motions, and hoping it will all work out. Some are running off  fumes waiting until they run completely out of gas and ideas!  But we as children of God don't have to operate this way.  Proverbs 3:6 says In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Path is plural. Do you see that? Meaning during your life time you will be placed on many different paths. We aren't meant to travel the same path year after year after year after year!  So He places the fork, forcing us to take a different path.  But remember the photograph above. Both paths are lit, and they are also narrow.  So our response is not so much, "oh my goodness, and what do "I" do now?  But a matter of asking "God what do "you" want me to  do now?"  When God steers our path in a different direction it is a time for us to scale down and take no one with us as we enter this new journey, but God. There isn't much room for anyone else because all people will do is cloud your ability to hear what God is saying to you.   With two lit paths it says that either way could be a good choice, but be certain, for you one is far better than the other! So please inquire of God.  This way you are covered by your obedience. And if you just so happen to take the incorrect route.  God will see to it that you get back on track, because you took the time to acknowledge him first.  Romans 8:28 says And we know, that All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.   Remember who and what you are called to.  

Blessings, and until next time, Keep God first.