Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bring in God's Harvest!

Do you ever wonder what your  contribution is  to the Kingdom of God?  The question "What is my life's purpose?" Is probably one of the most popular questions asked by many today.   Why am I here, what is my gift, talent, or assignment on this earth? The answer to these questions are key to our success in the earth,  but some  people go a lifetime never knowing.  And even if you have some clue, there is still a desire to continue the discovery until full maturity. 

  I can recall asking these same questions a few years after the Lord  saved me back in August of 1993. I was so excited to be saved, and knowing that I was on my way to heaven was enough to satisfy me, initially.  But it didn't take long before I desired to know and want more.  So I began searching, and let me tell you boy did I ever find out!  There was so much work to do, it was all around just coming from diverse directions. Then my question became not what but  How!?  When I began to work in my initial calling it  produced fruit, and then more work, and  then more fruit and the cycle continues.  This is why in the Kingdom of God there is no shortage of work! 

In John 4:35 Jesus is telling us that all we have to do is look.  Lift up your eyes and see, look at the fields(the world, and the lost souls in it) for they are ripe for Harvest!   Have you ever worked in a garden, or atleast seen a garden lol? Let me ask you another  question. What happens to ripe vegetables that are not picked, but left out?  The answer, they become spoiled rotten and then they die!  They are then gathered and tossed away because they are no longer good to eat.   Man, what a waste right?  What's the point of planting the seed, and fertilizing, watering, and tending if we're going to be too lazy to pick them when they are ready.  There are many people who are in danger of being spoiled by lust, adultery, fornication, hate, entitlement and selfishness, and they have no idea how to avoid this impending death.  Well,  Jesus  has already done the hard work. He  already died,for all man kind, and has given us eternal life. (1 John 5:11) It is our job to share this good news!

The early Churches were established and lead by 1st century christians who continued to plant seeds by building  on that foundation.  They were teaching and preaching the gospel everywhere.  They were martyred for their message, but it continued to spread like wildfire!    Yes many people know of Jesus. But many are waiting for someone to "show" them Jesus through their uncompromising actions.  They are waiting for you and me to show them that Jesus does live!  That Christianity is not just another religion.  Lets show them. Lets bring in God's Harvest!