Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why you should Call on Jesus

Whenever I read Jeremiah 33:3 I always get the sense that I am missing out.  Like  there is this huge security safe that Jesus has, and it's labeled Chandra.  There's no last name needed because Jesus knows exactly who I am.  I get the sense that there are so many things that God wants to share with me but I alone hold the key to unlock my safe. I see Jesus standing there with safe in hands, arms stretched out in my direction holding the safe with the answers for this season in my life. I picture that there are many safes that can be unlocked, but He will only grant  me one at a time, or as needed for my life long journey. Will I come to Him? Will I use my key, which is prayer?  Or will I forsake the treasures that God possess to figure out things on my own. God forbid that I neglect the fellowship between us.  I know that I will do my self a huge injustice if I do not call on the name of Jesus, and go my own way.

 God wants so badly to share with us.  But many of us will sit on the keys we possess to open our own safe. There are so many riches to be shared, so many truths to uncover. Endless discoveries about our lives than can bring us joy and quench the thirst we have in our souls for more. Jesus is standing, waiting, and holding the answers but we must call on Him.  There's so much he has to tell us! Doesn't that make you excited to pray earnestly to God?!   Below is a heartfelt prayer that I prayed this morning when I first read this scripture:

"There are so many things that I don't know. Things that I don't understand. Where are we headed God? What is your plan? I know I can trust you for my future. I know you are taking care of me, and continuing to take care of me.  But, I would really like to know somethings now.  I am calling out to you because I would like to know what is to become of my future on earth, now? What are your plans for me?  I will be still and wait to hear from you. I will look for you. What great things do you know concerning me that you can share? Please, I would love to know. I will call to you daily. I need you, I can't make it without your friendship Lord". 

Go to God and pray your heart. Be open as you can be, worship in His presence, meditate on His promises, and wait to hear what He has to share. You may not get the answer right away, but keep coming back every day.  He will answer you.

~Live Abundantly